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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MAS rights @ discounted price

MAS price is currently @ 0.345

MAS-OR price is currently @ 0.03
rights subscription price is 0.23
approx. 24% below MAS price

Why at discounted price? My view:
a) Shareholders not willing to put in more cash for the rights and cut loss
b) Major shareholder sell down rights to scare off minor shareholder?? Then they can buy in cheap to reduce their average price?? That's why huge volume at 0.03??
c) Bought in MAS at lower price, now selling all rights might make some profit or reduce their loss

To me, MAS-OR is worth to consider ^_*
Keep an eye on it as well as the movement of MAS as you need to base on it to see whether the price for MAS-OR is worth to consider or not.

Pls note that MAS-OR will cease trading on 14 May 2013.

Good luck with your investment!!! ^_*

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